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Backrooms level 32

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Level 5 is the 6th Level of The Backrooms. This Level seems to be an infinite hotel. Level 5 is an infinite hotel complex, with many rooms and halls. The Level itself seems to have been constructed in the 1930s, with furniture dating back to 1920. There are three (3) main areas in Level 5 that are fully accessible. The surroundings of Level 5 are littered with decorations and.

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. Dullers are vaguely humanoid black entities. These are common, and will most likely be at most the second entity the player encounters (after a possible encounter with a Boiled in Level 1). Despite being humanoid, they don't walk; rather, they seem to 'glide' across the floor. Like most other entities, Dullers are hostile and damage the player for about 60 HP on contact (that number itself ....

Level 0, is the 1st level of the Backrooms. Level 0, also known as "The Lobby", is the 1st Level of the Backrooms. It cosnists of massive space with randomly located walls that have mono-yellow wallpaper on it, damp yellow carpet, and constantly buzzing yellow lights. This is also the first level you will discover upon entering the backrooms. To notice, it consists of Two Sectors,.

Do you know about backroom level 32? This level is called the Forest of the Skeleton Queen. Please have fun. Backroom is content with too many secrets!Please.

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